Boutique Builder Focusing On Quality Construction

Dedicated to building high performance and comfortable homes

Specializing in House Extensions and Renovations

If you are looking for a construction company that offers remodeling and renovation services in Newcastle, NSW and surrounding areas, you can turn to Adapt Building.

We are an accredited Master Builders Green Living builder with a strong focus on sustainable builds.

Our small team of highly skilled professionals will turn your dream into reality.

We pride ourselves on providing you with quality workmanship that you deserve. Our company initially started as a carpentry service provider, and now we specialize in kitchens and bathroom additions, renovation, and house extension work.

Our Commitment

The philosophy behind Adapt Building is to remodel and rebuild existing dwellings to be more adaptable to the way we live today. Considered as an integral part of Adapt Building’s focus, sustainability is ingrained in everything we do. It is not just about adding a water tank or solar panel—it is about creating a home that is comfortable, healthy to live in, and cost-efficient to run.

Why Choose Us

Our company will ensure to maintain professionalism from beginning to end, with open lines of communications and transparency. Through careful product selection, we decipher what will save you time and money. To create little or no off-gassing in your home, our team uses nontoxic materials and zero-VOC paints for interior surfaces.

Aside from that, we always design and install a level of insulation above what is required by the Building Code of Australia.

That way, you can have a comfortable home regardless of season, without having to spend unnecessary money on heating or cooling.

Because we place great value on sustainability and energy efficiency, we use LED lights, greywater systems, solar panels, and double glazing or low-E glass. In addition, our staff performs on-site waste sorting to minimize and recycle our construction and demolition debris.

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We care about creating a comfortable home that you will love living in. If you are interested in our services please fill out contact details below and our pre-constultaion Questionaire